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From Finding Probabilities to Hypothesis Testing, The Math Coach has you covered!

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Experienced & Degreed 
In addition to having a degree in Math & Statistics, The Math Coach has plenty of experience tutoring college students in their Statistics courses.
  • Helped numerous students unlock the skill of statistical analysis at various levels of college Statistics
  • Familiar with various software used in Statistics courses to analyze large data sets, including Excel, R, SPSS, and SAS
The Math Coach is familiar with the local college and university courses and has worked with many students in these courses!
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  • MATH 1110 Probability & Statistics I

  • MATH 1140 Stats for Business

  • MATH 1230 Stats for Scientists


  • MAT 204 Intro to Prob and Stats

  • STA 205 Foundation of Statistics


  • MATH 250


  • MATH 1020/STAT 2010

  • MATH 2040/STAT 2020 Statistical Methods II


  • MATH 2314 Elementary Statistical Methods

  • MATH 2785 Elem Stats for Business and Econ


  • MATH 203



  • MATH A241 Intro to Prob and Stats

$50/1-hour Session
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