The Power of Our Christmas Spending

Big ups to Charity Croff for bringing attention to this solvable issue! You can find him on all social media @ArchDukeDoStuff.

Many of us are aware of the massive spending that is done each year during the holiday season, but we rarely look at the impact of those dollars. If this was truly the giving season, as some call it, we definitely have a lot to give. Imagine the impact if we spend our time, energy, and resources giving to those who are less privileged. The numbers alone demonstrates the major impact we could make!

In this video, the issue being discussed is World Hunger. We have the spending power to feed over 1 Billion people while there are only about 765 Million people who are experiencing hunger in the world. Look at that issue one more time - WORLD hunger! We're talking about an issue of the WORLD! With all the issues we have in the U.S. alone, are you saying we can solve a WORLD issue??? Without going too deep into the wealth disparity in the U.S. (another possible video topic), the issues of poverty, health care, education, etc. are all issues that we're able to drastically improved right here at home!

So, the question I ask myself, why aren't we doing more to really solve these issues? Do we even want to solve these problems? Are we satisfied with the way things are? Are there too many layers to address underneath these issues? What do YOU think???