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The Math Coach is a black-owned and operated educational service company that provides high-quality math tutoring services and strives to build confidence in students and support learners in reaching their academic goals. We are experienced, dedicated, and have achieved positive results with countless students!

POSITION: Associate Math Tutor

Currently taking applications (Updated: 03/28/22)
Associate Math Tutors will support the Lead Math Coach and students within in-person group tutoring settings. Tutors will be able to serve the community through our free community tutoring program while earning pay. Associate Math Tutors will also receive opportunities to tutor students 1-on-1 at an additional hourly rate. This is an independent contracting (1099) position where tutors will receive opportunities for advance pay and responsibilities.
Experience & Qualifications
  • High School Diploma preferred
  • College math course credits preferred
  • Tutoring experience preferred, but not required
  • Experience working with K-12 aged students
  • Reliable computer and internet access is preferred
  • Ability to use technology for virtual learning, such as Zoom Meetings
  • Ability to teach math and adapt to students’ needs
  • Verbal and written communication skills
Personal Qualities:
  • Passionate about serving the community and K-12 kids through education
  • A love for learning
  • Patience with learners and people
  • Reliable transportation
  • Base pay: $15-$18 / hour (Group Tutoring)
  • 1-on-1 Tutoring Rate: $20-$30 / hour
Hours (Part-time)
  • Base Pay: Weekday Afternoon/Evenings; 2-3 hours per day; 2-3 days per week
  • 1-on-1 Tutoring: Flexible hours, dependent on student needs and demand
  • Great pay and flexible hours!
  • Serve your community through our free community tutoring program
  • Opportunities for career advancement and increased pay
  • Gain valuable skills and experience that translates well into other education careers or positions that work with youth
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Although most tutoring will be done in-person, there will likely be virtual tutoring opportunities
This is a great opportunity to grow with a company, teach valuable skills to youth, serve the community and earn income with flexible hours! Apply today!
Next Steps and Process, after applying
  • Complete application and attach/send resume
  • Interviews will be conducted virtually since the position requires the ability to use technology and virtual tools
  • Be expected to demonstrate math tutoring ability and knowledge through a brief tutor sample
  • Hiring process may take a week or less, depending on the number of qualified applicants
  • Once hired, tutors will be considered (paid) probationary tutors for 1-3 weeks while tutoring skills are being evaluated
  • Probationary tutors can be promoted to Associate Math Tutor within 1 week
  • With experience, Associate Math Tutors will have opportunities for advancement (i.e. Senior Math Tutor) and increased pay rates.
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