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Math Is Power

Empowering & Engaging

Deep Math Learning

Partner 1-on-1 with The Math Coach 

What is the Math is Power Program?

The goal of the Math is Power program is to enlighten students on HOW math and numbers are used to make sense out of real-life things. Working alongside The Math Coach as a partner, students are able to choose a topic that interests and engages them. Then, looking through a mathematical lens, we work to make sense of, explain, and possibly solve an issue all using the power of numbers. Students walk away with a deeper understanding of numbers, stronger skills, and an improved sense of numbers - one of the main traits that strong math students possess.

Why should my student participate?

Students often struggle or become frustrated with math because it appears to have no connection to their own life. By allowing the students to choose almost any topic that interest him/her, we'll work together to show how math and numbers can play a role in something that matters. When students explore numbers in this context, learning is deeper, richer, and they are much more likely to retain the knowledge that they gained. Studies constantly prove that students put forth more effort when they're interested, engaged, and invested and, as a result, become more confident in their math abilities.

What type of topics can be chosen?

Students can choose almost anything that interests them. In the past, students have studied topics ranging from technology, food, sports and entertainment to homelessness and animal poaching. Just to see the tip of the iceberg of possible ideas, visit my video blog here!

How do I know students are really learning?

Once a topic is chosen, goals will be set (in writing for students and parents to see) about what we want to explore and accomplish through the topic. Viewing the topic through our mathematical lens, various math tools, skills, and methods are likely to be used. My goal is to ensure that your student become proficient with these math skills and methods to be able to understand and discuss the numbers behind the topic. This will be visible in how the student talks about numbers and their ability to explain the math to anyone as it relates to the topic. Traditional methods of assessment or testing are not used in this program.


In the next phase of this program, students will conclude with a showcase! This will be a culminating event for friends and family to attend where all students of the program will be recognized, present what they discovered, and explain the numbers relating to their topic of interest. 

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