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Meet the Founder, Devin Floyd

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Devin Floyd is a former certified 6-12 Mathematics teacher of 7+ years who is passionate about building confidence in students.

During his years of teaching, he was certain that if he ever had the chance to work with every single one of his students 1-on-1, this individual attention would significantly increase their strength and confidence in math. For that reason, he spent countless hours after school tutoring his students 1-on-1. The improvement of these students were remarkable! Not only did these students openly participate in class more, but their test scores greatly increased! His desire to give students personal and individual attention is what drove him to coaching students in math on a full-time basis. Helping students understand mathematics and watching them grow is truly his passion!

Not only does he provides math tutoring, Devin supports secondary education teachers in the classroom through coaching, in-class and virtual support, and professional development. He is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree to better equip himself for the mission. His hope is to be the support that he desired to have in his beginner years as an educator.

The Math Coach Mission

The Math Coach is a black-owned and operated educational service firm that provides high-quality math tutoring services and strives to build confidence in students and support learners in reaching their academic goals. We have a desire to ensure that quality math support is accessible to all types of learners.

Meet Our Team

We intentionally seek out the most talented tutors who enjoy math, love learning and teaching, and have a strong desire to see students succeed. Our team focuses on becoming greater each day and receive training that lead to certifications to ensure that students get the highest quality of service they deserve. 

Associate Math Tutors - Pics and Bios Coming Soon

Where does tutoring take place?

Tutoring can take place in the home of the student, at a public study location (i.e. library), or even the student's school - whichever is convenient for you! We offer online tutoring which works great for both non-local and local students! Regardless of the setting, The Math Coach strives to maintain a positive, safe and caring learning environment. 

Ready to get started??

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